Join us in revisiting the first edition of ETHWarsaw, where Damian Rusinek, as a representative of Composable Security, alongside esteemed colleagues from Certora, Quantstamp, and Halborn, delved into the essentials of smart contract security.

Smart contract audit security

During this panel, many important matters were raised. The discussion covered the optimal time to prioritize blockchain security, its most effective implementation stages, and how to maximize benefits from smart contract audits. This conversation allows you to take a broader look at security and rethink your current approach.

Get expert knowledge and enjoy the panel!

We are very happy that we had the opportunity to share our experience with the audience.

The Polish community is great and we are happy to participate in such initiatives and be part of them.

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Composable Security 🇵🇱⛓️ is a Polish company specializing in increasing the security of projects based on smart contracts written in Solidity. Examples of projects that have trusted us are market leaders such as FujiDAO, Enjin, Volmex Finance, DIVA Protocol or Tellor. We are creators of the Smart Contract Security Verification Standard. Speakers at various conferences such as EthCC, ETHWarsaw, or OWASP AppSec EU. Authors of numerous publications on DeFi security. Experienced auditors operating in the IT Security space since 2016.

If you need support in the field of security or auditing smart contracts do not hesitate to contact us.

Damian Rusinek

Damian Rusinek

Managing Partner & Smart Contract Security Auditor

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PhD, Speaker, Co-Author of SCSVS and White Hat. Professionally dealing with security since 2009, contributing to the crypto space since 2017. Smart contract security research lead.

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